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The Video Math Tutor
The Video Math Tutor
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Webcam Tutoring
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  • Welcome!

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    [Luis at Whiteboard]
    Get Webcam Tutoring from me, The Video Math Tutor!

    Now you don't have to wait for a video to be created! I have a very easy going style of tutoring, and am able to make even difficult math seen easy!

    I can provide tutoring for arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, finite math, State High School Math Tests (like AIMS, OAKS, NY Regents, etc.), and for the Mathematics/Quantitative portion of the following Standardized Tests: SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, GED, and ASVAB. I can also provide help for most College Admission "Math Readiness" Tests.

    By the way, I can only tutor students from 7th grade and above.

    I own most graphing and scientific calculator models, so I can probably help you on how to better use one during the session.

    I tutor students
    worldwide. As long as you speak English or Spanish, I should be able to help you.
  • Getting Started

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    • You need to contact me and let me know you want this service through e-mail or on Skype (username: VideoMathTutor).

    • Be sure you have a working webcam (audio AND video) on your computer or mobile device.

    • When ready, provide me with your Skype username and a time you would like to meet.

    • Next, we can do a
    FREE "test" chat that lasts only a few minutes, so you can see what it is like (if the image you get is too pixelated, then we may not be able to do any tutoring together).

    • After this, make a payment for one hour of tutoring (take advantage of my special for new students below). We can then schedule a formal appointment for math tutoring!

    If you are under 18 years old, you need to get permission from a parent or legal guardian to do this and to send payment. This person should be in your room during the lesson (for security/safety reasons). I would have to meet this person at the start of the webcam session, to verify you are allowed to be tutored by me.

    The more notice you give me for an appointment, the better, since I am a very popular tutor. I
    can do "last minute" tutoring if my schedule is open, so just send me a message and ask about my availability. Late afternoon to very late at night are my best times for tutoring.

    To get even more out of the sessions, it is helpful if you can provide me with scanned images or PDF files of examples of what you need to know (like quizzes, handouts, chapter exercises and sample tests).

    I also HIGHLY recommend you take some time to go over ALL the free math videos I have on this website, since they provide a good foundation to do well in arithmetic and algebra.

    Por supuesto, si prefieres que te ayude con tus matemáticas en español, lo puedo hacer.

  • Can’t Use PayPal?

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    Google Wallet Accepted Here!
    Can't pay using PayPal? I can accept payments now using Google Wallet. Contact me for details.
  • The Fine Print

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    The Fine Print...
    The Fine Print:

    Officially, an hour of tutoring is really an "Academic Hour" which is 50 minutes. However, I will almost always give you a full 60 minutes of tutoring, and usually a few minutes more, especially during our first meeting.

    Try to send me a chat or email message a few minutes before the scheduled hour to let me know you are ready. If I don't see you online, I will send you email and chat messages.

    I do expect you to keep our appointments. I will wait 15 minutes (you are paying for this waiting time). After this, you are considered a "No Show." I will NOT penalize you for the first one. If you miss more, then you pay for the hour. If this happens too often, then I will refund any unused hours and I will not tutor you anymore. If I miss an appointment with you, then you get a
    FREE hour of tutoring (what a deal!). Please wait for 15 minutes before giving up on me.

    I am usually VERY flexible about canceled appointments and rescheduling. Just let me know when you want to meet again. I give full refunds for unused hours.

    After each session, I will send you an email stating I did tutoring with you. Please keep this for your records.

    You are
    NOT allowed to record our video sessions. Doing so will void our business agreements and you will get NO REFUNDS of unused hours. By doing business with me, you grant me permission to record the sessions. I will only do this to keep a record of hours used (in case you try to claim you never got tutoring, and demand a refund). I will NOT place the videos online. I will respect your privacy. The videos are eventually deleted.

    I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Before you get worried, I have had to refuse service to only TWO students in 33 years of tutoring.
  • Half Off First Hour for NEW Students

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    [Half Off Price Tag]
    Half Off First Hour for NEW Students

    New students who have not been tutored before can now get their FIRST hour of private (1 student) webcam math tutoring for only
    $15 (50% Off!).

    Please read details above and
    contact me BEFORE you pay for this.

    Price: $15.00
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  • 1 Hour (1 Student)

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    1 Hour Session (for ONE Student)

    Get one hour of private (1 student) webcam math tutoring. Buy as many hours as you need.

    Please read details above and
    contact me BEFORE you pay for this.

    Price: $30.00
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  • 5 Hours (1 Student)

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    The 5-Hour Special (for ONE Student)

    Save money by purchasing a block of 5 hours of private webcam math tutoring for only $100 (that’s just $20/hr— what a deal!).

    Please read details above and
    contact me BEFORE you pay for this.

    Price: $100.00
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  • SUPER SPECIAL! (10 hours for 1 student)

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    [excited guy image]
    SUPER SPECIAL! (10 hours for 1 student)

    Save even more money
    by purchasing a block of 10 hours of private webcam math tutoring for only $150 (a mere $15/hr— what a great deal!).

    Please read details above and
    contact me BEFORE you pay for this.

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  • Virtually Unlimited Tutoring

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    Way to Go!
    Virtually Unlimited Tutoring (1 family)

    Get virtually unlimited math tutoring for 6 months (restrictions do apply). I only sell 1 or 2 of these packages per semester, so act quickly to take advantage.

    Please read details above and
    contact me BEFORE you pay for this.

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